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Be Firm on Principles, And Courageous In Action.

To Be Firm On Principles And Courageous In Action.

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Rockwoods International School

Rockwoods International School, a special place for students to learn and develop into positive human beings with a sense of responsibility and duties. With a belief that every child is a unique gift from God, exclusive in character and ability, we at RIS are driven by a strong sense of community that nurtures initiatives and an inquisitive mind.

“Tell us and we will forget, show us and we will remember; involve us and we will understand” the firm believers of RIS. We constantly aim at imparting knowledge as a journey towards life long learning.

Our proposal is a unique combination of traditional and modern pedagogy. It’s a student-centric approach based on all Cambridge principles of learning and inculcating the 5 Cambridge attributes in all our students. Our objective is to optimize students’ and teachers’ potential and develop global leaders who will make a difference in the world.

Mission » To create global lifelong learners with positive attitude and respecting internationalism.

Vision » To create and educate engaged young minds that crave for the insatiable ocean of knowledge.

Cambridge Attributes 2021 » RIS 2021 curriculum supports the development of learners and teachers who want to become problem solvers.

Striving excellence for all levels at RIS

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Rockwoods International School is a unique combination of ethics, values, and knowledge that we impart to our students.


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  • Standard application in which credentials given by students are impeccable.
  • Receive your application acceptance through email.
  • Return a copy of the application signed by the parents/guardians.
  • Receive your invoice and confirmation through email.

What Our Parents Say...

How RIS Has Helped Students To become Mature And Reliable?

Thank you for your support, encouragement, guidance, commitments rendered by all the teachers at Rockwoods International School. The impact you are making in the students' life is everlasting. We pay gratitude to all from the bottom of our heart. We will always be grateful to school staff and management.
Mr. P Vaithilingam and Mrs. V Usha
Rockwoods International School is the first and only CBSE Private school of Udaipur to run London UK’s prestigious IGCSE (Grade 10) curriculum. The personal guidance and attention that is given to every student is commendable. The teachers and the school staff motivates the student at every moment and that always leads to marvellous results. Gratitude to the school staff and management.
Mr. Bhupendra Singh Jhala and Mrs. Priyanka Jhala
Rockwoods works on the holistic development of students. The academics are exceptional but the individual attention and overall development through the 8 principles is the best. The teachers and staff are loving, supportive and fully approachable.
Mr. Zuher Jaipuri and Mrs. Farida Jaipuri

“Experience The Value Of Love, Freedom, Sincerity, And Justice”

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