21st Century Skills

21st century skills are now called as 5 c’s timeless skills that not only the learners must have but also all the professionals of different fields must reflect and ponder on. At Rockwoods, we try to inculcate these not only in our students but our teachers as well and its evident I our practice .They are:

Creativity: It can be argued that creativity lies at the heart of personalized learning.
With the ability to take a more independent and innovative approach to their own learning, students are empowered to think critically, and form their own conclusions

Critical Thinking: Through personalized learning paths, students are urged to claim more ownership over their learning and thinking. Taking an active role in their education, students are awarded the freedom to learn at their own pace, and in their own ways.

Collaboration: Collaboration has been the focus of many 21st century instructional tools. Offering students, parents, administrators and educators a real-time view of student progress, collaboration between all is encouraged towards their shared goal of better learning outcomes

Cooperation: More collaborative learning means more emphasis on cooperation.

Communication: Communication skills are more important than ever with social media unavoidably taking an active role in student development.. Using this as a tool to bring communication to the fore in all aspects of their learning, students can be taught the essentials of verbalizing their knowledge through open discussion and debate.