Career Coaching

The times have changed and education systems have been evolved to a great extent in our country. Few decades ago, there was no concept or relevance for career guidance or counseling. There were lot of myths attached related to career choices. The most intelligent students opted for Science, followed by commerce and it was said the below average students took humanities. The parameters of success were confined to being Doctors and engineers.

It is imperative that we start focusing and preparing for higher education from a very young age and for that we need career counselors and coaches and according to a research there is a need of 5 lakh counselors in the country and we have very few available. If we talk about the psychometric assessments the ideal age to conduct these will be from grade 8 onwards but preparation for higher education must start from primary. The aptitude and Psychometric tests are constructed in such a way that for 13 to 15 years old they are interest, subject and personality specific and 15 years plus are aptitude, personality and career specific.

According to research, these years are witnessing many transformations taking place in their life physically and emotionally and they are coping with peer pressure as well. It is also a time when decisions related to higher education are made. Aptitude assessments help them to understand their own strengths and weaknesses with regard to their higher education choices they want to make and here the role of career coach comes into place.

At Rockwoods, we are conscious of our responsibility and we have a tie up with the leading career coach organization – MINDLER and we call the different professionals to address our students to share their experiences and journey from various fields. The primary students start weaving their career dreams around it and for middle and senior students we plan to initiate the internship program for them, where they go and learn the skills related to the different career options and face the challenges too. All the parents want their children to be successful, famous and rich in their lives and to ensure that they achieve this, they fail to understand their children’s interests and desires and impose their will and dreams on them.