Director Message

About Director – Mr Deepak Sharma

Mr Deepak Sharma is a dynamic edupreneur (education entrepreneur) with keen interest in innovative education pedagogies, inculcating best value education in the young minds and using his great sports skills of Cricket, Table tennis and athletics to motivate them. He is passionate about progressive and inclusive education.

He is the President of the Child welfare Society and Director – Central Pubic School , Rockwoods High School and Rockwoods International School; these schools run under the Society.

He completed his schooling from Udaipur and then went to Pune for his further studies. He completed his graduation from BMCC Pune and MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis- Pune. He worked in top MNC’s in Pune for few years.

In 2009, he left his highly paid corporate job in Pune and chose to come back to Udaipur and join his mother, our chairperson Mrs Alka Sharma and joined her a Central Public School.

Rockwoods International School was conceptualised by our Director Mr Deepak Sharma as he was very impressed by Cambridge pedagogy and education. Deepak Sharma strongly believes in corporate social responsibility and has been contributing to various social and civic issues. His passion for social issues and efforts to promote equity in education is reflected in the scholarships that are provided to students at his educational institutions for academic, co curricular and sports achievers.


2020 has taught us all a great deal. To endure the worst, to accept a new way of living and to find for oneself new levels of happiness. The very term “success” has been redefined. “Happiness” has found a new meaning. Reconnecting with those who matter has never been so high on our agenda.

In short, we have all rebooted, restarted. Begun afresh a life where many a parameter has been recreated. Come to think of it, in retrospect, it has not been all bad. We have embraced quite a few positive changes and learnt, each in our own way, how to maneuver around the negatives.

2020 has been a year which would go down the annals of history as a year which saw the mighty human race succumb to an unseen force, emerge once more and adapt to very many changes. Digital disruption has been one of the most often used keywords of 2020. Digital transformation is no longer a “should-have”, but a “must-have”. With the world moving to the online platform, we must understand and appreciate the need to embrace digital prowess. And by this, I don’t just mean knowing to operate the various online platforms but to understand the many pro’s and con’s, to learn how to focus on your key attributes, how to market them the digital way and most importantly, how to be able to stand out in a digital crowd. Know your competencies, adapt them to today’s changed social and global needs, pull out all your strengths and highlight them, dig out all challenges and work on them.

At the Rockwoods community who are family to me, you have been an integral part. I aspire to see all my students in a new light, in a new “avatar”…stronger, more self-sufficient, more adaptable to change, more empathetic to the less fortunate and differently abled. Take each challenge as a new opportunity to learn. Acknowledge who you are and where you stand in the new world. Work hard on your strengths, harder on your weaknesses. For you, a whole new world of opportunities has opened up. There are newer career options and the erstwhile “low consumption” opportunity areas are now the new sunshine areas.

Gratitude – one of our key pillars at Rockwoods – remains in our lives as a keyword today. Gratitude for those of us who have come out of 2020 unscathed by illness, happy to be alive. Empathy and prayers for those who haven’t been as lucky. In a world driven by stiff and often ruthless competition, let us imbibe in each of us the spirit of a true sportsman – respect for competition, undying focus on winning and accepting gracefully the occasional defeat and emerging stronger from it.