Pre primary Curriculum

This is a self designed curriculum with the best inputs from EYFS, Montessori and best International Pedagogical practice and prepares students for Cambridge education. During the formative years children absorb information through language. We aim to prepare them for language study by working in practical life. The aim of numeracy curriculum is to help students
  • Develop their though processes with hands on materials, students begin to understand the concept through manipulation, experimentation invention which prepares them for the abstract studies.
  • The learning area integrates the concepts formation through literature activities and lots of cross-curricular/ linkages. It is a beautiful blend of the best educational practices to make the little ones self reliant, independent and happy. This unique curriculum provides and develops the attention span promoting oral communication and learning new concepts and skills. It comprises of enhancing auditory memory, sensory experiences, serialisation and emotional bonding. Alliteration and Rhyming are integrated part of this curriculum. Alliteration helps children think about reading in different way. They pay close attention to sound that certain letters make when grouped together and help them become faster readers.
  • The curriculum will be delivered through different means – worksheets, activities, handouts, Montessori materials, books (Hodder) and readers.
The curriculum is divided into following heads:
  1. Language Arts
  2. Numeracy
  3. Science
  4. Concepts
  5. Motor Coordination and Life Skills
  6. Art & Design
  7. Social Graces
  8. My emotions